Is your website optimized?

In today’s era of networking, Internet has a huge role to play. We can access all the information that we require from the internet. To get the information about anything we simply need to write the phrase or the related word or the sentence on the search engine box and we can see a lot of websites matching those relevant phrase or word or the sentence is being displayed. Now what matters the most is the way or the order in which those websites are displayed. This is where a seo has a huge role to play. Seo stands for search engine optimization or search engine optimizer. A seo is very important for any website especially for the business websites. A seo can vastly improve the look and display of the websites and at the same time it saves a lot of time as well. But it is always a risky thing to hire a seo. It can do well for the website as well as it can make a mess of it. So it is a very responsible task to do.

What is seo

Search engine optimization is a method of making the visibility and the appearance of an online website or webpage clearer and improved. Whenever an internet user in search of any goods or services on the internet, types a phrase or a word on the search engine box a lot of websites get displayed. Now for a normal user it would be difficult task to choose from that huge number of display. Here the seo makes the task easier for the normal internet user. What seo basically does is that it process those websites in such a way that whenever a matching is found, to the word or phrase typed in the search engine box it display those relevant websites only on the search engine result page, on the top of the result page. Now every customer can easily access that website as it is displayed at the very top of the page. In simple words, the task of seo is to make your website display on the top of the search engine result display page.

How seo works

In today’s world of networking Google is one of the best search engine on the web. These search engine uses crawler to work. Each and every search engine has its own crawler (usually known as web crawler or web spider in some cases), which operates automatically. The main task of the web crawler is to crawl through the web pages and read their content. After reading the content it collects the content and stores it in the data base. All the information that the web-crawler gathers are deposited in the database of the search engine. This search engine database is called the index. Now whenever a searcher trying to find a query, enter a phrase or a word in the search box, the job of the search engine is to find the most appropriate and suitable result to the query by making a match between the query and the searched and the information stored in the database of the search engine that is index.

Why is seo needed?

Today the whole world has gone online. Each and every business of the world is now on the internet. Since these business websites are there for providing goods and services to the other people, they must be easily accessible and extremely good looking so that they can easily be understood by the common people, whether they do business online or not. Whenever a customer looks for a product or services on the internet he simply writes the related phrase or the word or the sentence on the search engine box. Most of the common people do not know the name of the good site related to the product or services they are looking for. As a result of which it becomes a tedious task for them to search through the search engine, which one is the best suited for them.

They usually come across websites through a search engine only, when different sites are displayed on the search engine result page. Now depending on the need and their choice common people choose their sites. Every online business maker will want their website to be displayed on the top of the search engine result page and this requires seo. Seo makes the task easier for the business maker.

But before starting a search for a seo, it will be better to have a fair idea about the same and getting familiar with how the search engine works. A suitable time to hire a seo is when you think it is the time to redesign the website or when you are planning to launch a new website. In this way both the seo and the owner of the site are ensured that the site is designed to be search engine friendly. On one hand, seo can provide the customers, clients with valuable goods and services on the other hand it can also do some unethical task which is not good at all for the online business industry.

There are some abuses that a website owner may encounter while hiring a seo. One such common abuse is the shadow, in which the seo creates a funnel that always direct the users to the another site by using a deceptive link or redirects. These shadow domain owned by the seo always claims to be working on the client’s behalf. Another abuse is the doorway which is nothing but the pages loaded with various links. Most of the seo may claim that it will make the website more colorful and good looking but it is not like that. They may argue that these links will help the users to get more information and solve their more queries. But the truth is that it is basically the link to the seo’s other client. So the website owner has to make sure of these things in any how.

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Tips on How To Do Guest Blogging

I am by no means a professional guest blogger, if there is even such a thing… so these are just my opinions based on limited experiences thus far.

Before you start, have a goal. You want more traffic and backlinks naturally but to what site URLs and for what purpose?

Increased rankings?
More sales?
More exposure?
All of the above?

Your goal for guest blogging should ultimately be to add value to the Internet. which means creating compelling content that is immediately useful to the readers. This is basically advanced article marketing here, because normal article marketing is best done when you write “fluff” articles that leave the reader wanting more, which leads to more “click thrus” in your resource boxes.

But guest blogging is different, fluff pieces don’t get quality visitors and fluff content isn’t really appreciated by the owners who are trying to create a valuable resource by allowing guest bloggers to publish content on their sites.

Therefore, your content needs to be taken to “a whole …’nother… level”

Writing Guest Author Posts:

As mentioned above write some of your best content here, and provide a link and a reason for the readers to click that link. Reference something in your post that serves as an added resource for the readers truly interested in what you write and that” resourceful content” is what you refer to/link to in your content.

Before you write guest author posts, find sites that want your content:

There’s a new system/service/website called MyBlogGuest that offers a way for you to find people who want your content, and it also can help you find people actively looking to write guest author posts.

However, this is just a resource and I wouldn’t be entirely reliant on one site or service to help you achieve all your guest blogging needs. Over time, MyBlogGuest will become a hugely valuable resource for people who are truly serious marketers and realize the value of guest blogging.

Therefore, I recommend you approach other site owners in your niche and interact with them somehow to get yourself noticed, establish some sort of relationship with them via email, the contact forms on their site, if any… Sometimes just leaving a blog comment that adds value is enough to get yourself noticed.

See who’s writing about your topics, see who’s ranking well for certain keywords you’re targeting and put together a list of people you want to approach. At the very least, do some blog commenting to start the ball rolling here.

Writing guest author posts for sites that want your content:

  • Assess their site, is it really top quality stuff?
  • Do their articles/posts rank well for anything?
  • Are their posts getting a lot of comments? Indicative of responsive readership
  • Are their posts getting lots of ReTweets?

Now, I’m not saying that you should be snobby when assessing sites you might want to write for, but reviewing and assessing their content and what their readers liked is crucial to good results with your guest author posts. When you write content related to other posts that got lots of comments then you’re tapping into a “proven interest”, and if you have pre-existing site content that’s of interest to them, then link to it to keep the “interest funnel” flowing.

After your guest author content is approved and published:

Respond to the comments made by the site readers. Many will think the site owner wrote the post so let them know YOU wrote it and interact with this new (to you) audience. Sometimes, if your content if of too-high-a-level that they don’t grasp the concepts explained therein, this is a perfect opportunity to explain things even further.

It’s also a perfect opportunity for a follow up post on that site, to delve into the subject matter even further, and to deep link/interlink from one post to another…

Promote your guest posts, ReTweet them, social bookmark them, Sphinn them (if they’re SEO or marketing-related) just like you would for content on your own sites.

Some other ideas for writing guest author posts:

If you want to dominate the search engines for a very, very long time for medium-to-long-tail phrases or keywords, start your post titles with the same title beginnings and different endings:


How to save money on…. car insurance
How to save money on… groceries
How to save money on… heating bills

If you were trying to rank for the term “how to save money on…” then your post titles would be ranked highly if those sites were of any quality or authority for those terms.

NOTE: When you promote your guest author posts, don’t link to them from the sites that are getting linked to from your post son those sites. This creates reciprocal backlinks and somewhat devalues whatever link juice you hoped to acquire from that site/article/post.

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6 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic on your Website

SEO that converts into leads

SEO is extremely important for anyone looking to grow their brand. By using Search Engine Optimization, you can enhance your visibility, improve your website’s ranking Google’s SERPs and rank at the top. It’s no longer optional to invest in SEO since the first search result on Google is the one that gets more clicks than the rest. Moreover, you must stay up-to-date in SEO so you don’t find yourself falling behind as your competition gets past you in the SERPs. If you’re looking to boost your rankings on search engines and boot the number of visitors from organic search, the following SEO techniques can help. If your in Western Australia there are a number of SEO Perth experts that can assist you with all your SEO requirements so you can get a positive ROI on your website.

Improve User Experience across the Entire Website

Search engines like Google are here to show the best and most relevant results for a user’s query. Websites with low bouncing rates are often rewarded with higher page rankings. The only reason a user will spend more time on your website is likely to be because they’ve found relevant and useful content on your site. You can improve user experience by making easy-to-read posts, writing high-quality original content, using bucket brigades to pique interest, improving your site speed, and improving the current page designs. 

Conquer Video with YouTube SEO

With more than three billion monthly searches, YouTube is one of the leading search engines. Don’t just think about Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Bing. Create engaging videos, post them on YouTube, and optimize them for YouTube SEO. Make sure your video is SEO-friendly and create custom thumbnails. Don’t be surprised to see your traffic double with the same content once you implement YouTube SEO. 

Longer Content Usually Equals Higher Ranking

Creating long-form content can help you rank at the top of the SERPs. Of course, you should always focus on satisfying user intent. While there’s no trick or strategy to determine how long your content should, your goal should be to create content that your target audience is looking for. Building and repurposing the content you already have on the website can help give you motivation to write long-form blog posts. You don’t have to write entirely from scratch. Simply repurpose your content by adding more relevant keywords and offering more relevant and useful information to searchers. 

Build a Variety of Backlinks

Links remains the number one factor when it comes to ranking websites on Google. You must be careful, though. Paid links and blog comments no longer work and can harm your site. Make sure you build your links through outreach and influencer marketing and high-quality content. Such links are earned and high-quality which means they’re extremely effective and safe. It’s also important that you diversify your backlink profile so you can have a variety of links directing to your site. Include links from directories, news sites, author bio sections, blogs, and forums. 

Maximize your Technical SEO

Start by making sure you have a solid website with no glitches. Technical SEO is all about ensuring all the links on your site are functional, your pages load quickly, and your site having effective security measures. Without these, Google’s crawlers won’t successfully read and index your website. Furthermore, your content won’t reach your target audience. To maximize your technical SEO, fix broken and outdated links, optimize the images in your content, correct your semantic markups, cut loose poorly performing pages with few visitors, and create a site map to submit to Google, 

Discover the Keywords your Ideal Customer Searches For

Don’t just create keyword-focused content without knowing your target audience. You want to create content that engages your audience and speaks directly to their needs. Start by determining the specific keywords your ideal customers or rather target audience are searching for. The better you know and understand your target audience, the better your SEO. Know their preferences, interests, age, location, etc. so you can create high-quality content that’s most relevant. Research keywords and use them properly in your content, without stuffing them. In conclusion there are SEO companies Perth specialists available for your online domination needs.